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  • Hit Em Where it Counts

  • Can’t Touch This

  • It’s All in Your Head

  • Short Circuit

  • CORE

  • That’s Not a Knife…. A Knife Defense Class


Hit Em Where it Counts

This class focuses on striking, striking, and more striking. Oh…. then more striking. We will be practicing all the striking techniques from the Vitals 101 and 102.

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Can’t Touch This

Oh yeah…you got this. This class is going to focus on making sure your attacker can’t even lay a hand on you, and if they do, it’ll only be for a second. We will be practicing the Bully Grab Escapes, Front Choke and Rear Choke Escapes, Bear Hug Escapes, and Hair Grab Escapes.
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It’s All in Your Head

Now this class might be harder for most, because it’s not something most of us practice. We will take Self Defense strategies and Complement them with empowering mental game strategies geared for success!
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Short Circuit

We’re kind of like a gym…but different, and kind of cooler. So, we created a Life Saving Gym Style Workout. Get warmed up, do a little review, then cycle through Self Defense Circuits until you drop. Sound Fun? Prob not, but it is!
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Our lead trainer, Mark Fleming, and his clients are super familiar about the importance and strength of CORE. Well, this introduces a new CORE principle that will save and change your life. This course is walking you through the CORE Strategy principles of our training system. We will be doing a lot of real-life scenarios where we slow down the thought process and communication and how to apply them.
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That’s Not a Knife…. A Knife Defense Class

Crocodile Dundee was an awesome man! If you don’t know who he is, please watch the movie or search on YouTube. In this class, we’ll have you ready to have the calm demeanor if anyone is to ever pull a knife on you. Realistically…you’ll understand that running is a much better option. But, if you can’t, you’ll know what to do!
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.45 Down …. A Gun Defense Class

Guns are scary in the hands of an evil person. Which is why we train for all the worst-case scenarios. This Gun Defense 1 hour training will have you thinking you can take on a whole army empty handed. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you stay grounded, and realize the severity of being held up at gunpoint!
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