Self-Defense for Women

Do you get anxious walking through your office parking lot at night by yourself? Are you feeling a little unsafe about getting back into the dating world? You’re not alone. Vital Vigilance is here to help you take back your power with self-defense training for women.

Available in Annapolis, Davidsonville, Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas, our self-defense classes for women are designed to give you empowerment and control. You’ll learn the most effective ways to:

  • Stay calm in a dangerous situation
  • Solve problems and make split-second decisions under duress
  • Fight off an attacker
  • Get away safely

Once you’ve completed our women’s self-defense program, you’ll be armed with 20 different techniques to defend yourself no matter what kind of assailant you’re faced with. As a result, you’ll feel safe and confident in any situation.

Ready to learn these must-know skills for the 21st-century woman? Sign up for women’s self-defense classes from Vital Vigilance today!

Women’s Self-Defense Instructor in Annapolis

This self-defense course is designed with today’s woman in mind. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe walking down the street by themselves.

Whether you’re a young adult heading off to college for the first time, a single female in the dating game, or a full-time professional with a late-night commute, you’ll benefit from the powerful, effective self-defense skills we teach you.

You’ll love working with our personal self-defense trainer because these hands-on demonstrations are:

  • For women only
  • Modernized for practicality in today’s world
  • Easy to learn and remember
  • Powerful and effective
  • Supported by 20+ years of experience

Plus, for your convenience, our women’s self-defense course is fully mobile! We’ll come to the facility of your choosing and teach you:

  • Situational awareness
  • The three phases of an attack
  • How to create a plan on the spot
  • Where to hit an attacker
  • How to disarm an attacker
  • How to escape safely

Skills for Life

In our self-defense course, not only will you learn physical, step-by-step techniques, but you’ll also gain valuable life skills you can carry with you forever.

For example, you’ll learn tricks to help you think clearly and decisively in a high-pressure situation while your adrenaline is spiking. You’ll also find out how to silence the negative, doubtful voices in your head and focus on positive outcomes, instead.

These are crucial skills for surviving an attack, and they’re also skills that will make you a stronger leader, parent, and community member for the rest of your life.

Get Empowered Today!

When you look at the statistics about violence against women, it’s easy to feel scared. But don’t succumb to fear or hopelessness. Fight back. Empower yourself with these life-saving skills and techniques from the experienced self-defense instructor at Vital Vigilance.

Get more info and register for our self-defense training program today!